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Welcome to the Smallville Flashfiction community!!

This community has been modeled on the ds_flashfiction and sga_flashfic communities and will follow pretty much the same rules.

Challenges will be posted once every two weeks; you have two weeks to respond to the challenge.

The story must be posted only to the sv_flashfiction community for the duration of the challenge. The challenge will be formally closed by the admin at the end of the challenge period and you can keep posting until you see that formal closing message. After that message, no more stories for that challenge will be accepted, and you are free to crosspost your story to your own LJ, webpage, archive, or anywhere else. A new challenge will be posted right after.

Please suggest challenges! Lots and lots of challenges!! Anything goes and ALL suggestions will be put on the list and gone through in order! Challenge suggestions should be posted in the comments section of previous challenges.

Feel free to suggest anything - and write anything as well. All fic is welcome - Slash, Gen, Het - whatever floats your boat. The world needs more Smallville fic, people! Whatever your heart desires!!

Spoiler Policy: This is very important!! Please mark any episodes that your story might be a spoiler for -- anything at all!! People watch things at their own pace, and just because something is old hat to you, that might not be the case for everybody!

Please contribute Smallville stories ranging from 100 words and up. Seriously, 1000 words is usually the cap for these kind of communities, but if a challenge idea sparks your interest and you wind up writing a fifty page Clark/Lex fic - YAY! Post that sucker!

When posting a story please include title, general rating, pairing (if any), size and spoilers in the post, and the fic itself under a cut tag. Cut tags are wonderful things people - let's use them if the fic is 200 or 2000 words and everyone will be happy!

Regarding RPS: RPS fics are allowed as responses to the challenges, but *only if the story is clearly marked and cut-tagged as such.* I think if we all follow this rule even people who aren't interesting in reading RPS will be ok with it.

Regardless of the length of your story though, please only post it in a single part -- the livejournal limit on post size is very large and should not be a problem for the flashfic; if your story exceeds that size or needs special formatting, please feel free to post it as a separate webpage and post a link to the webpage instead.

Again - all ratings, pairings, slash, gen, you name it, is welcome here, as long as it satisfies the conditions of the challenge.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment in any admin post. Current admins are estrella30, audrarose and sori1773.

YAY you guys! This is going to ROCK!!


THANK YOU to oxoniensis for our beautiful banner and default icon!



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